Couple Discovers a Letter Young King Charles Wrote to His “Granny” in Their Attic

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It’s almost time for spring cleaning, so consider this your annual reminder to organize and declutter your attic. One UK couple just unearthed a decades-old letter written by King Charles to his “Granny” the Queen Mother, dating back to March 1955. They told Good News Network it’s been sitting in a box collecting dust for upwards of 40 years.

“We finally had the time to look through a big box file that my mother had given to us,” the husband told the outlet. He and his wife requested to keep their identity anonymous as they plan to auction off the letter.

Penned in cursive by a young Charles, the letter reads, “Granny, I am sorry that you are ill. I hope you will be better soon.” The stationary includes the Buckingham Palace letterhead. It dates back to March 15, 1955.

On the other side is a colorful hand drawing, which he signed “lots of love from Charles.”

Of how they came into possession of the letter, he explained: “It originally belonged to my late grandad Roland Stockdale….I was told he was originally involved in helping to protect the Queen Mother but he probably worked with several royals over time.”

Upon further digging, he learned Stockdale was hired as a Police Sergeant to the Queen’s personal protection force. Along with the letter, he found a photo taken in 1952 of his grandfather in the Information Room in Scotland Yard.

“My wife said ‘Wow, look at that!’ We were pretty gobsmacked,” he said.

While sifting through the attic, the couple came across additional royal memorabilia including royal dinner menus, an invitation to the Balmoral ball, and postcards from Sandringham. A copy of the Queen’s 1956 Christmas speech was also in the box. They even found a note regarding King James VI’s memorial service signed by Queen Mother.

All items are being sent to auction, which will be orchestrated by auctioneer Charles Hanson. He told Good News Network, “It is clear from the tone of the correspondence that the royal family held Roland in high regard for his kindness.”

With King Charles’s coronation around the corner, Britons and royal fans alike will be eager to get their hands on royal trivia.

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