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Prince Harry was left “furious” and “in tears” after he was evicted from Frogmore Cottage by his father King Charles, according to a Royal expert who spoke to The Mirror

Not many were aware of how deeply hurtful it was for Prince Harry to suddenly lose his residence at Frogmore Cottage—a move that left him “furious and in tears,” according to a royal expert.

Royal author Tom Quinn, speaking to the Mirror, reveals that Harry and Meghan Markle had assumed they could retain Frogmore Cottage even after stepping back from royal duties and relocating to America. This situation, Quinn suggests, illustrates the growing divide between Harry and King Charles III.

The property, a wedding gift from the late Queen Elizabeth II, was reclaimed by Charles last March upon their departure from royal duties.

Quinn explains, “At the time, few realized the emotional impact of being evicted from Frogmore for Harry—it was a devastating blow. Harry felt deeply hurt and believed his father’s decision was both unjust and spiteful. He couldn’t reconcile the fact that opting out of royal duties would lead to losing his royal residence. For Harry, it was akin to a personal rejection, evoking painful memories of his parents’ tumultuous divorce.”

“When faced with Charles’s decisions, Harry perceives them as unjust, given all that he has been through. He harbors a sense of entitlement, believing he should have unrestricted access to privileges like taxpayer-funded security and a luxurious home in the UK,” Quinn concludes.

Frogmore Cottage had been the UK home of Harry and Meghan ( Image: REX/Shutterstock)

Quinn further remarked, “To many observers, Harry appears to be a privileged individual acting out like a spoiled child, but in Harry’s eyes, he’s consistently cast as the victim.”

According to Quinn, Harry would have undoubtedly been profoundly wounded by his father’s actions.

He continued, “Harry and Meghan had envisioned Frogmore Cottage as a permanent sanctuary, even if they returned to the UK sporadically or transitioned away from their royal roles. This assumption underscores the profound disconnect between King Charles and his son.”

Harry’s recent alteration of his residential status from the UK to the US holds significance, Quinn notes. This change, retroactively applied to June 29, 2023—the date marking Harry and Meghan’s formal departure from Frogmore Cottage—illustrates the lasting impact of Charles’s decision to evict the couple.

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