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Prince William brought home a “thoughtful” present for Princess Kate at Adelaide Cottage following his “snub” towards Prince Harry.

The Prince of Wales performed his first engagement as Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps today, where he was gifted presents for his wife and three children.

William, 41, received an AAC tartan wrap for the Princess of Wales, a scarf for himself and three wooden helicopters for their children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, nine, and Prince Louis, six.

Kate, 42, is currently recuperating at Adelaide Cottage where she is undergoing a course of preventative chemotherapy for cancer.

William brings home a ‘thoughtful’ present for Kate following Harry’s recent events.

One royal admirer shared on social media: “Nice of them to think of our Princess of Wales. Our gallant men in uniform.”

Another expressed: “Such considerate gestures.”

Similarly, someone commented: “I love all the pictures and videos! Those gifts are so thoughtful! Prince William looks very handsome in his uniform! It’s impressive that he flew off in a helicopter!

Prince William received gifts for Kate and his children during Monday’s engagement.

The significance of the engagement was heightened as King Charles presented a prestigious honor to his eldest son in a special ceremony at the Army Aviation Centre.

However, some royal enthusiasts were taken aback by Prince Harry’s exclusion from the event, which many perceived as a “snub.”

During the ceremony at the Army Aviation Centre in Stockbridge, the monarch bestowed upon William the esteemed role of colonel-in-chief of the Army Air Corps. This meant that the Prince of Wales would succeed his father Charles, who had held the position of colonel-in-chief of the Army Air Corps for 32 years.

King Charles and Prince William attended a joint engagement today.

However, there was no mention of Charles’s youngest son, Prince Harry, who previously served in the Army Air Corps and flew Apache helicopters during two tours of Afghanistan.

The role of colonel-in-chief was widely anticipated to be conferred upon the 39-year-old.

However, following his decision to step down as a senior member of the Royal Family in January 2020, Harry has become estranged from his family and has been relieved of his military appointments.

Images from the event were shared on the official Instagram accounts of the Prince and Princess of Wales, as well as the main Royal Family page.

Harry and Meghan have recently completed a three-day tour of Nigeria.

However, the post received an influx of angry comments from fans upset about what they perceived as a “snub” towards Harry.

One commenter wrote: “And Harry? How can you forget him?” Another added: “I believe this honor should have been bestowed upon Harry!”

One fan expressed: “This would have been a fitting honorary role for Harry.”

Similarly, another commented: “It’s disappointing to see Harry overlooked in this manner, especially considering his dedication and service on the field!

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