This Is How Much 7 Celebs Would Earn If They Had Regular Jobs, Survey Says

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Not everyone uses their degree — and the same is true for celebs, many of whom went to college for everything from ancient world studies, to geography. (Geography?)

While we know the routes they took — pursuing lucrative jobs in the entertainment industry — it’s fun to speculate what they might be making now had they actually worked within their majors. That’s exactly what the website SEOProviderReboot did, and they shared the results with HelloGiggles.

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From an estimated $9 million dollars a season to $89,000 a year (which is not so bad for most folks), here are seven celebrities and how much they’d earn if they had regular jobs.

1. Chris Martin

The Coldplay frontman pursued a degree in ‘ancient world studies’ in order to be a museum curator. Instead, he became part of one of the biggest bands of our generation and the rest is history. 

If Martin had indeed worked in his planned profession, he’d earn around $48,593 a year. It would take him 3,293 years working at that job to earn his current net worth.

2. Prince William

The Prince of Wales was always destined to be, well, a prince. That we know for sure. But did you know he attended the University of St. Andrews to be an ‘archaeological technologist?’

For this, Wills had to major in geography, and would be making around $40,000 a year — a far cry from the royal salary.

3. Eva Longoria Baston

Eva Longoria was reportedly earning $9 million dollars a season as a Desperate Housewife. But, the actress actually holds a masters degree in Chicano studies.

As a higher education lecturer, she’d be earning $89,513 a year. It would take her 894 years of teaching to earn her Hollywood salary.

4. Bradley Cooper

The A Star is Born hunk has repeatedly showed off his acting talents, making us wonder what Hollywood would be like without him? But, that almost happened, as Cooper planned to pursue a journalism career.

Majoring in English, he would be making $60,000 a year as an editorial assistant. That’s just a small fraction of the reported $20 million bucks he rakes in per film. But perhaps that education paid off, as Cooper also helped write the movie that showed the world he could also carry a tune.

5. Kourtney Kardashian Barker

The reality star and entrepreneur is currently hawking ‘vaginal health gummies.’ But, the Kardashian’s eldest sister was at one point pursing a degree in theater arts and Spanish.

A potential job she could have pursued is that of a theater production manager, earning around $61,000 a year. Since the Kardashian empire is worth billions according to Forbes, we’d say she made the right choice.

6. Natalie Portman

She’s an Oscar winner and considered to be one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, with an estimated net worth of $90 million. But at one point, Natalie Portman was pursuing a degree in psychology at Harvard University.

With an estimated yearly salary of $96,000, she’d have to work 938 years just to make what she’s earning now.

7. Emma Watson

Emma Watson graduated from Brown University with a degree in English literature. With her English degree and interests in journaling and reading books, she could have become a writer, potentially earning a salary of $37,660 a year.

This means it would take her 2,257 years to reach the same net worth she has now if she didn’t step into the hobbit shoes of Hermione Granger.

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