Gen Z woman dating millennial man shocked by his text to her after their first date

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The woman was entirely confused but made clear she didn’t have ‘the ick’

They say age is just a number, but sometimes there are generational differences that are too big to ignore.

Interest in certain movies, favorite foods and whether or not you’ve ever been able to afford a house are just a few examples that spring to mind, but TikTok user Elizabeth Castaldi has called attention to another one: texting.

Elizabeth turned to TikTok for advice. (TikTok/@yogiinpinkk)

The content creator, who’s 27-years-old, took to social media to share the exchange she’d had with a 35-year-old man after the pair went on a date together.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – he’s only 35, surely he can’t be using full-on txt speak lyk a mom tryin 2 b kwl? Lol!

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The good news is, he wasn’t.

But that didn’t stop Elizabeth from being left baffled by what her date did say.

In the clip, she shared a screenshot of the message she’d received from her date the following morning, with a caption which read: “I have to start dating people my own age (but i wont).”

“Is he a bad texter or is he 35,” she added on the video.

Elizabeth wasn't sure how to respond to the message. (TikTok/@@yogiinpink)

Elizabeth wasn’t sure how to respond to the message. (TikTok/@@yogiinpink)

In the message, Elizabeth’s date wrote: “Hey, had fun last night. Have a good day.”

Elizabeth made her confusion at the message clear as she put a clip of herself mouthing, ‘let’s go? I guess?,’ though some viewers weren’t sure why she was so shocked by the message.

“I’m confused how this is bad?,” one person asked.

Another wrote: “I realized I was old when I didn’t see an issue.”

Sure, the message isn’t inherently bad, but Elizabeth explained that its wording left her with no idea whether the guy wanted to see her again.

“Let’s be clear, I do not have the ick. I just can’t read him and I really, really want to go on a second date,” she wrote in a comment under her video.

Some viewers aimed to help Elizabeth get answers about how the guy was feeling by recommending that she reply, so she wrote back with the message: “Me too! Hope your day is going well.”

However, as the conversation continued, Elizabeth said she became more convinced the man was simply not interested in her.

She attempted to set up another date, but the man responded to say he was ‘a little crazy with work’ and suggested they ‘play it by ear’.

Eventually, Elizabeth decided to leave the ball in the man’s court to see if he wanted to set up another meeting, but many viewers suggested she should simply ‘move on’ and find someone who seemed more enthusiastic.

Earlier this week, the content creator shared a follow-up video revealing she was going on another first date – hopefully with someone whose texting style she can get on board with!Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@elizabethannecastaldi/TikTok/@yogiinpinkk

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