Princess Kate ‘excited’ as new update on major early years project is announced

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The Princess of Wales is “excited” about the new report on early childhood that her Business Taskforce has presented.

Deloitte has created a report on behalf of the Taskforce that emphasises the importance of early childhood for a happier and healthier society. It outlines how putting more emphasis on early childhood education would improve the health and wellbeing of the UK economy and society for future generations while also producing a happier and more productive workforce today.

Catherine speaking at the inaugural meeting of her Business Taskforce in March 2023
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We are aware that 42-year-old Catherine has seen the report and has been fully informed about the Taskforce’s work while she recovers from cancer treatment.

“I know, having briefed The Princess on this, that she is enormously grateful to the members of the Taskforce who have made such fantastic progress on this work over the past year,” stated Christian Guy, Executive Director of The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

She has a strong belief that solving this issue now will have a profoundly positive influence on future generations as well as the present one. She is eager to invite all companies, regardless of size or objective, to embark on this journey with us, and I know that she is anticipating the next few months to see momentum pick up.”

Catherine launched her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in 2021
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According to the report, early childhood investments could add at least £45.5 billion to the value of the national economy annually. It focuses on five areas where companies of all sizes can have the biggest impact on children under five, adults in their immediate vicinity, the economy, and society at large.

This entails fostering an environment in businesses, communities, and society at large that values early childhood, assisting families facing the most obstacles in obtaining the necessities and basic support they require, providing parents and carers with more flexibility and support at work, valuing and fostering social and emotional skills in young children and adults, and expanding access to reasonably priced early childhood education and care.

Catherine delivered a keynote speech at the Shaping Us National Symposium last November
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Christian said of Catherine, “She finds it exciting. Shaping Us was about raising awareness, but it was also about action, which is why it’s so important, in her opinion, that eight of the biggest British companies stand up and convince other business leaders of this. She finds it exciting, and moving forward, the work of our Centre will prioritise it. And when she first introduced it, she truly pushed companies to think outside the box.”

The Princess of Wales formed the Taskforce in March 2023 to encourage business action on early childhood. Since then, the following Taskforce members have collaborated to determine the scope of the opportunity and the part that business can play: Aviva, The Cooperative Group, Deloitte, Iceland Foods, IKEA UK and Ireland, The LEGO Group, NatWest Group, and Unilever UK.

Catherine, who last seen publicly on Christmas Day with the royals, has seen the report from her Business Taskforce   Photo: © Getty Images

At the time, the mother-of-three stated that investing in early childhood is “a down payment for our collective future” in a piece she wrote for FT Weekend. The project came about as a result of the Princess’s Shaping Us project, which was introduced in January 2023 and was referred to as her “life’s work” because it raised awareness of the early years development of children.

“Early childhood is a huge priority for the Princess of Wales, and she has been kept fully up to date throughout the process and the development of the task force’s work and she has seen the report,” a Kensington Palace spokesman emphasised, noting that the launch did not indicate Catherine “returning to work.”

The Princess delivered the announcement via a video message
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Princess Catherine’s health

The Princess of Wales revealed in March that she is receiving prophylactic chemotherapy after post-operative tests revealed she had cancer, following her January abdominal surgery.

As she continues her treatment, Catherine made a heartfelt plea for time, space, and privacy in the heartfelt video message.

The Prince of Wales revealed that his wife is “doing well” during his trip to Cornwall earlier this month, but she hasn’t been spotted in public since the announcement.

Only a few weeks ago, Catherine also took Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ official pictures to commemorate their eighth and fifth birthdays, respectively.

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