Shaquille O’Neal Buys Family of 11 Two Vehicles Then Keeps on Giving 

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A celebrated NBA figure went above and beyond to help out a family in need.

According to a post on a social media platform by Karissa Collins, the mother of a well-known family, the basketball legend surprised them by paying a visit to their home one day and offering to treat them to dinner. Gratefully, Karissa accepted the kind gesture, recounting how enjoyable it was to share a meal and spend time with him.

But the generosity didn’t end there. The following day, the NBA star returned. During their conversation over dinner, he learned that the family was expecting their 10th child and realized they would soon need a larger vehicle. Without hesitation, he took them to a car dealership where they could select a brand new, larger van. Despite the van not being in stock, they were able to customize and order one, scheduled to arrive later in the year.

After arranging for the van, Shaquille O’Neal treated the family to dinner once again, this time at the Rainforest Café, generously covering the bill for the table beside them, who were also on a special mission from out of state. Additionally, he left a substantial tip for their waitress after learning of her car troubles.

But the acts of kindness didn’t stop there. After dinner, Shaq noticed the condition of the family’s truck, which lacked essential features like air conditioning and heating. Without hesitation, he took them to a dealership and replaced it with a new one.

Throughout these gestures, Shaq also took time to interact with the family, offering encouragement and affection to the children, and sharing words of positivity with the entire family.

Karissa expressed profound gratitude, stating that she was at a loss for words to adequately convey her appreciation. She concluded her post by thanking Shaquille O’Neal countless times over for the immense blessings he had bestowed upon their family.

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