Man Proposes to His Girlfriend with 5 Rings

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Joshua Renaud made a remarkable proposal to his girlfriend, Brittany Hunter, that left her utterly stunned and garnered admiration from onlookers. Instead of presenting just one ring, Joshua arrived with five, each holding a special significance that deeply moved Brittany.

Joshua’s gesture held profound meaning rooted in his own life experiences. Having grown up in a family where his mother met his stepfather after he was born, Joshua was no stranger to unconventional family dynamics. His stepfather, whom he revered and affectionately called “dad,” proposed to his mother despite her already having a child.

Inspired by his stepfather’s loving commitment, Joshua sought to emulate this significant gesture in his own proposal to Brittany.

The Man Had the Most Perfect Example Growing Up

When Joshua Renaud’s father proposed to his mother, Renaud received a special gold band, symbolizing his father’s commitment not only to her but also to him. This heartfelt gesture left a lasting impression on Renaud.

Throughout his upbringing, Renaud was determined to follow in his father’s footsteps should he ever fall in love with a woman who was already a mother. Years later, fate brought him to Brittany Hunter, and Renaud knew he wanted to include her children in his proposal.

On November 11, 2023, Renaud made his dream a reality. With Hunter’s children by their side, Renaud asked for her hand in marriage in a touching moment filled with love and joy.

The children wore shirts bearing the heartfelt question, “Can we call Josh dad?” When Hunter walked into the room and witnessed the heartwarming scene, she was overcome with disbelief. “I was in complete shock!” she exclaimed.

Joshua Renaud Proposed to Five People that Day

He turned to Hunter first before addressing each of the children individually. Renaud couldn’t contain his joy at the heartwarming reaction from the kids. “The pure love and excitement in their eyes hit me like a freight train,” he confessed. Although the couple had discussed marriage, Hunter never anticipated the proposal to come at that moment.

Emotions ran high in the room. Having lost her first husband three years ago, Hunter never imagined finding someone who would love her and her children again. But Renaud entered their lives and showed them they were deserving of love and a happily ever after, bringing immense joy and healing.

Prior to the proposal, Renaud sought permission from the children to marry their mother, a gesture that filled them with joy. Throughout their relationship, the children had eagerly asked Renaud if he would become their dad. While Renaud and Hunter explained it would take time, the children’s unwavering hope never waned.

When Renaud realized the depth of his love for Hunter and vice versa, he knew it was time to propose. His decision to involve the children in the proposal made the moment even more special.

Renaud’s mother played a significant role in the proposal with a touching gesture. When Renaud’s gold band, a symbol of his father’s promise of forever, became too small for him, he gave it to his mother. After over 30 years, she passed it on to Hunter on the day of the proposal, offering it to become her wedding band.

In a beautiful twist of fate, Renaud’s life came full circle. The same band that once symbolized eternal love from his father now adorned his wife’s finger as they pledged their love and commitment to each other.

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