“My name is Maria, I am 53 years old, I have been married for 32 years, but my husband has found a younger mistress, even younger than our own daughters…” Help ladies ..

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I’m Maria, 53 years old, married for 32 years, and a mother of two daughters who no longer live with us.

For 15 years, my relationship with my husband was beautiful, despite minor issues, as is common in any family. However, in 2005, due to a bank loan, we lost our apartment and had to move in with my parents, with our two young children.

Three years later, my husband went to France, and I followed, leaving our daughters with my parents. We both worked for two years and managed to buy a house.

The house we bought was far from my parents, so I stayed in Romania with the girls while my husband remained alone in France. During this time, we communicated by phone and saw each other every few months.

During this period, another woman entered my husband’s life, leading him astray. He became verbally abusive, even towards our daughters, and didn’t want us to visit him. It was a shock for me and especially for my youngest daughter, who still loves her father deeply. I struggled with declining mental health, loss of appetite, and insomnia. My life felt like an endless nightmare.

Years passed, I found a job, and slowly began to heal. However, my husband lost his job, ran out of money, and asked if he could come back home. We welcomed him with forgiveness, but he continued to cheat on me. His affairs were always discovered because he couldn’t hide them.

After a brief period of good behavior, he went to Africa, where he found another mistress, much younger than him and his daughters. He now works in France and visits home monthly, but he denies having this new relationship.

I’m at a loss. Please, tell me what should I do?

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