Street dog is found covered in tar and unable to move – makes amazing recovery

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Street dogs face numerous challenges worldwide, and unfortunately, they often endure harsh realities. Foraging for food and lacking love and care are just some of the struggles they face daily.

Now, imagine being in that already tough situation and then finding yourself trapped in a barrel of scalding hot tar. That’s exactly what happened to one street dog in India.

But her resilience was nothing short of remarkable.

It all started when Animal Aid Unlimited, an animal welfare organization, received a call about a rather unusual situation. A dog had somehow become stuck in a barrel of searing hot tar.

“When we found her, she was no longer struggling and seemed to have completely given up all hope,” the organization wrote.

But hope was not lost for the dog, who they named Asha, meaning “hope” in Hindi.

They carefully transported the barrel with Asha inside to a safer location.

The Rescue Once there, the animal heroes began the painstaking process of cutting open the barrel with an electric metal cutter. However, Asha was completely immobilized by the thick, hot tar.

Deciding to move her as she was, they carried the barrel to their premises to continue their rescue efforts.

Using vegetable oil, they patiently worked to loosen the tar from Asha’s fur. After hours of relentless effort by a team of kind-hearted individuals, Asha was finally freed from the barrel.

It took over three hours to remove enough tar from her body before she could even stand again. The hot tar had severely burned her skin, but with time and care, Asha began to recover.

Despite the challenges, Asha’s miraculous recovery is a testament to the power of compassion and dedication.

The patience and determination shown by these animal heroes are truly inspiring. Please share to honor their incredible work and to recognize the efforts of all animal heroes around the world.

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