Horrifying update on dead man wheeled into bank by niece as autopsy revealed- “video,,

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Content Warning: This article contains distressing content.

A shocking incident unfolded recently involving a deceased man who was brought into a bank by his niece, sparking widespread disbelief and concern.

Videos and images circulated depicting the distressing scene of a man, seemingly deceased, being wheeled into a bank in Brazil by his niece, Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes. Staff at the bank quickly became suspicious of the situation and began recording Nunes as she attempted to have her uncle sign off on a loan, reportedly amounting to 17,000 reais (£2,600). In the footage, Nunes is seen holding a pen between her uncle’s fingers and supporting his head to prevent it from swaying.

Despite Nunes’ reassurances that there was nothing wrong with her uncle, bank employees expressed deep concern about his condition, noting his pale appearance and obvious signs of distress. One clerk remarked, “I don’t think he’s well. He doesn’t look well at all.”

However, investigations later revealed a chilling truth. Fábio Luiz Souza, the investigating officer, disclosed to the breakfast news program Bom Dia Rio that the man had been dead for at least two hours before being brought to the bank. Paramedics called to the scene confirmed the man, identified as Paulo Braga, had passed away, leading to Nunes’ arrest.

Subsequent autopsy results, obtained by Brazilian news outlet Metrópoles, unveiled a disturbing update on Braga’s cause of death, citing “bronchoaspiration and heart failure.” The coroner’s office is awaiting further test results to determine if poisoning was involved, noting signs of malnutrition and pre-existing heart disease.

Nunes, who claimed to be both Braga’s niece and caregiver, denied the allegations through her lawyer, Ana Carla de Souza Correa. Correa insisted that Braga was alive when they arrived at the bank and expressed confidence in Nunes’ innocence, citing witnesses who could corroborate their version of events.

However, police chief Souza countered these claims, stating, “Anyone who sees that can see the person was dead.”

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