Tourist dies after falling 250ft into active volcano as husband was taking picture

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A tragic incident occurred when a tourist lost her footing and fell into an active volcano while attempting to take photographs

Huang Lihong, a Chinese national, tragically plunged 250 feet (76.2m) into the famous Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi, Indonesia, in front of her husband.

The unfortunate event unfolded on Saturday, April 20, as Huang stumbled while capturing photos near the crater’s edge. Her clothing became entangled on the rockface, causing her to plummet into the gaping crater.

Accompanied by a local guide, the couple had ascended the slope to witness the scenic sunrise from the volcano’s rim and to capture photographs of the breathtaking vista.

During the ill-fated photoshoot, Huang lost her balance and fell backward over the slope’s edge. A photograph captured moments before the accident shows Huang posing on the rim with a leg raised on a rock, with steam and sulphur gas billowing behind her.

Situated in East Java, Indonesia, the Ijen volcano complex is renowned for its blue fire, acidic crater lake, and labour-intensive sulphur mining, attracting tourists eager to explore its unique features.

Following Huang’s fall, rescue efforts lasted over two hours as responders retrieved her body from the perilous crater and transported it to safety.

Dwi Putro Sugiarto, the head of the Department of Conservation for the Banyuwangi region, addressed the media, emphasizing the accident’s accidental nature and urging tourists to prioritize safety when exploring Mount Ijen.

Local reports indicate that Huang’s body will be transported to Bali before being repatriated to China by air.

The wider area, known as the Ijen Geopark, encompasses Mount Ijen, Pulau Merah Beach, and Alas Purwo National Park. Recognized as a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2023, it boasts a plethora of geological, biological, and cultural sites.

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