Man who claims to have Britain’s biggest penis makes rare TV appearance

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A man who says he has the biggest penis in Britain has made an appearance on This Morning.

Matt Barr, 40, appeared on the daytime telly show on Tuesday (23 April) where he discussed the trials and tribulations of having a 12-inch penis.

Matt explained that he first noticed something was amiss while in the showers at school.

But as he got older, the size of his penis began causing him issues when it came to dating.

“It’s difficult, because it’s not something you really spring on people as a surprise, because it just does scare people away generally,” said Matt.

“But obviously [you don’t want to be] creepy and bring it up too early. [So] how you start that conversation?”

He’s even had trouble while exercising, explaining that he was once asked to leave a yoga class because it was thought he was aroused.

“I was wearing a very baggy shirt and shorts [but because of the] yoga positions, people just got the wrong idea.

“And that’s the way it sometimes goes, but you can you can dress normally, baggy clothing, and it’s not too difficult.”

During the chat, Matt also revealed that one woman once tried to tempt him into appearing on her OnlyFans.

Although Matt thought they were on a ‘normal date’, he claims the woman had an ulterior motive.

Sitting down with Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley, Matt explained that while he has thought about surgery, but it’s very expensive.

“I have looked into this – it’s very expensive surgery, it costs about £15,000 roughly.” he said.

“It’s not done very often. It’s only done normally, in the cases of tumours and things like that. In the case of normal function, it’s not common.”

Matt also debunked the assumption that his size is a ‘gift’.

“It’s fascinating, because you can you can imagine that the majority of people watching will be going ‘what an absolute gift to be able to stand there and have more than more than enough’,” he said. “I’m trying to dispel some of the stigmas.

“I don’t see why there’s any difference talking about this and talking about your breasts or any other bodily part…it’s not sexualised.

“It’s just a fact of life.”

Although it’s not yet been released, Matt has written a book about his experience, A Long Story: Life With One Of The World’s Largest Penises.”

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