Couple’s very unsophisticated way of trying to win lottery

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Dakota Jones and Kira Enders, a couple from DeFuniak Springs, Florida, are facing the consequences of an alleged attempt to defraud a lottery using a makeshift scheme.

According to reports, Jones and Enders are accused of devising a plan involving two scratchcards, which they allegedly ripped and then meticulously taped back together to create the illusion of winning $1 million from the 500X The Cash Lottery.

A police report detailed the method used, stating that the couple combined the top half of one ticket with the bottom half of another to create a visually altered ticket that appeared to be a $1 million prize winner.

Enders is purported to have driven to the Florida Lottery’s office in Pensacola on March 1 to submit an official claim form for the supposed $1 million prize.

Following this submission, Enders reportedly called the lottery six days later to inquire about the status of their claim, speaking with Special Agent Richard Pisanti.

Pisanti arranged to meet with Jones and Enders on March 11 to review their paperwork. However, upon meeting, the couple was immediately detained and separated pending further investigation.

During her interview with authorities, Enders claimed that she personally scratched the ticket and believed it to be worth $1 million. She explained that after the ticket failed to scan at three different stores, she decided to take it directly to the lottery organization.

Enders further stated that the ticket had been in her car and may have fallen out, as she discovered it the following day soaked from rain, according to the sheriff’s office report.

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