Chilling new prediction from ‘Living Nostradamus’ that will result in ‘three days of darkness’

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Self-described parapsychologist Athos Salome has issued a terrifying warning that will ‘disrupt critical systems’

If you thought this year was going to be a chill time, buckle on up and hold onto your hats.

We’ve had so many ‘predictions’ throughout the millennia, and some have come true. But there are those who claim to possess otherworldly powers who can accurately know when large historical events will take place.

Such as Baba Vanga or Nostradamus.

‘Living Nostradamus’ Athos Salome – who previously spoke to LADbible about how he got his ‘psychic powers’ – claims to have an ability to predict things like COVID-19 and even the death of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II.

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However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows as his latest ‘prediction’ could see the world impacted by huge technological blackouts because of the current strain between countries.

Athos Salome claims he can predict the future. (@athos_salome/Instagram)

Athos Salome claims he can predict the future. (@athos_salome/Instagram)

The self-described ‘parapsychologist’ has come out to tell the world that there will be mass amounts of blackouts all across the globe due to the use of advanced weapons.

He told the Mail that the use of electromagnetic pule technology (EMP) in modern warfare could disrupt global networks before the year ends.

With so much strife in the world and growing conflicts between Israel, Iran and more, it’s not exactly an unlikely scenario that advanced weapons could be drawn.

However, Salome claims this will cause ‘three days of darkness’ to fall upon us as trialing the weapons disrupts power.

But it’s not just the increasing likelihood of war that’ll do it, it’s also the rise in artificial intelligence, according to Salome.

He said: “AI again emerges as a factor possibly serving as both a peacekeeping tool and an instigator of fresh confrontations.

AI could also contribute to the risk, according to Salome. (Getty stock image)

AI could also contribute to the risk, according to Salome. (Getty stock image)

“Advanced nations, including the United States have been quietly advancing EMP technologies for security purposes.

“The US has been exploring EMP capabilities since Operation Prime tests in the 1960s aiming to use this technology to neutralize threats with minimal physical damage.

“Similarly Russia and China are investing in EMP technologies as tools to disrupt infrastructures of potential foes.

“Even North Korea despite its limitations is showing interest, in EMP technology as part of their preemptive strike tactics.

“This shift in adoption signifies a growing trend where EMP is not merely viewed as a weapon, [but] as an essential element of upcoming military endeavors having the potential to disrupt critical systems significantly and swiftly.”


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