Horrifying last moments of mum eaten alive by safari park tiger after coming to her daughter’s rescue

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Terrifying footage shows the moment a Siberian tiger dragged her daughter away

Warning: This article contains content which some readers may find distressing.

The horrifying last moments of a mum were caught on camera as she went to save her daughter.

Back in 2016, the woman was driving through Beijing’s Badaling Wildlife World with her family. As is the case with plenty of the safari-style experiences we have here in the UK, visitors get to drive their own cars around the park.

But guests are not allowed to get out of their vehicle in certain enclosures – because of course while it might be safe to be protected by the four walls of a car, just strolling round an animal’s home is rather risky.

So, the woman signed an agreement before entering the Chinese park which stated she would not get out of her vehicle.

Horrifying tiger attack

Credit: Badaling Wildlife World

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However, tragic footage shows the woman, whose last name is Zhao, getting out of a car and being dragged by a Siberian tiger.

She claimed she believed the document she signed was some kind of registration to enter – accusing the ticket taker of not explaining it properly.

Zhao said that as they were driving round, she started feeling carsick so decided to get out of the car.

In the video, she can be seen walking around to the other side of the family vehicle, seemingly checking if she was holding up traffic.

But then, she quickly turns around as one of the Siberian tigers leaps towards her.

She was attacked by a Siberian tiger. (Getty stock)

She was attacked by a Siberian tiger. (Getty stock)

Zhao tried to move away but she couldn’t match the animal’s speed which pulled her to the ground and dragged her away.

Her family were quick to run to her help, as her mum tried to save her. And unfortunately, this led to the woman being attacked by another tiger and being killed as it went to eat her alive.

After the tragedy, the Yanqing district government confirmed there had been an incident at Badaling Wildlife World.

It was also added that an injured person, assumed to be Zhao, was receiving treatment.

The tiger jumps up behind her. (Badaling Wildlife World)

The tiger jumps up behind her. (Badaling Wildlife World)

She later filed a lawsuit against the Beijing park with the claim she hadn’t been properly informed of the dangers and that a nearby park official had failed to come to the family’s rescue.

But authorities in the Yanqing District later published a report stating it was not an ‘industry security accident’. AKA, the park was not responsible.

Instead, it was stated that this fatal attack occurred due to the visitors involved not following the wildlife park’s rules for guests.

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