Former actress now makes a fortune sharing OnlyFans pictures with her stepbrother who she married

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Scarlet Vas and Tayo Ricci are spouses as well as supposedly being step siblings

A former actress has told how she is making a fortune on OnlyFans thanks to the raunchy content she shares with her husband – who also happens to be her stepbrother.

You may recognise Scarlet Vas from her time on Ramsay Street when she starred in Neighbours as no-nonsense policewoman Mishti Sharma, but those days are now long behind her.

She ditched the soap world in October 2018 after just 12 months on the show, while telling viewers she had ‘loved every minute’ of being a part of the cast.

The Aussie actress wrote in an Instagram post: “Thank you to all the amazing viewers during my time on @neighbours.

“To all my Mishti fans, your love and support means the world to me and I can’t wait for you all to come with me on my journey in the next stage of my career…”

Little did they know, Scarlet would find her calling in the adult industry.

Scarlet Vas previously starred in Neighbours (Fremantle/Channel 5)

Scarlet Vas previously starred in Neighbours (Fremantle/Channel 5)

In fact, 2021 was quite the whirlwind for her, in terms of both her love and work life.

In June of that year, the ex-TV star announced she had ‘fallen in love’ with her boyfriend of seven year’s, Tayo Ricci, who she claims is also her step brother.

It’s all a bit bonkers, to put it bluntly.

By August 2021, Scarlet had then launched her OnlyFans platform where she flogs saucy content for subscribers who forked out $15 (£11.99) a month.

Tayo soon started getting in on the action too, and before you know it, they’ve become serious earners on the adult site.

The pair got hitched in Mykonos in March last year, so they are spouses as well as supposedly step siblings.

During an appearance on the Uncensored Podcast last year, Scarlet said she ‘wasn’t earning a lot’ from OnlyFans when she first started but business then started booming, leading her to set up her own OnlyFans agency.

The actress then ditched soap land for OnlyFans (Instagram/@scarletvas)

The actress then ditched soap land for OnlyFans (Instagram/@scarletvas)

The ex-Neighbours star explained: “I’m in the 0.01%, like the lowest you can go on OF.

“But every month’s been getting better. Like last month was my best month. I hit almost $200k and then this month I’m going to do well over $200k.”

Scarlet then revealed that bringing in her stepbrother slash husband proved a big hit with her subscribers, who love the ‘cheeky’ content they create together.

Discussing their relationship, she said: “I mean the fans love us as like a thing or not a thing. He’s my stepbrother and Australian and we’ve known each other for a very long time.”

The podcast hosts asked Tayo himself whether he lends his wife a hand with her saucy snaps, to which he replied: “I would say partially, yeah. Definitely on hers.”

She shares content with her step brother slash husband Tayo Ricci (Instagram/@scarletvas)

She shares content with her step brother slash husband Tayo Ricci (Instagram/@scarletvas)

Scarlet then added: “Yeah, he always makes appearances on mine!”

When pressed about their supposed familial relations and whether they have ever leaned into it for content, the couple said they make a point of not pushing the boundaries.

Tayo continued: “To be honest, to the standard that people expect, honestly no. Like close family friends would assume we’re doing porn because we’re making that much money but we’re not.”

Scarlet chimed in saying there is ‘some cheeky stuff though’.

Tayo then added: “I’m not gonna lie when I was young, I fantasised about it. It felt so wrong till it felt so right.”

No matter what you may think of them, it’s clear that these two are laughing all the way to the bank.

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