My wife was sleeping next to me… and all of a sudden got a Facebook notification, a woman asked me to add her. So I added her.

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My wife was sleeping next to me… and all of a sudden I got a Facebook notification, and a woman asked me to add her. So I added her.

I accepted the friend request and sent a message asking, “Do we know each other?”
She replied: “I heard you got married but I still love you.” 😧

She was a friend from the past. She looked very beautiful in the picture.

I closed the chat and looked at my wife, she was sleeping soundly after her exhausting day of work.

Looking at her, I was thinking about how she feels so safe that she can sleep so comfortably in a completely new home with me.

She is far from her parents’ house, where she spent 24 hours surrounded by her family. When she was upset or sad, her mother was there so she could cry in her lap. Her sister or brother would tell jokes and make her laugh. Her father would come home and bring her everything she liked and still, she placed so much trust in me.

All these thoughts came to mind, so I picked up the phone and pressed “BLOCK”.

I turned to her and slept next to her.

I am a man, not a child. I have sworn to be faithful to her and so it will be. I will fight forever to be a man who doesn’t cheat on his wife and tear a family apart…

Why has dating changed so much in the past 200 years?

Recently the increased use of Tinder and other dating sites has made it seem like “dating” is virtually nonexistent. Everything is now about the “hook-up culture” and not committing.

In the 1800s and early 1900s, dating wasn’t about actually dating; it was about courting. A man would try to win over a woman and her family in order to propose marriage. Obviously things are very different now. Marriage isn’t as relevant nowadays, with people choosing to marry at a much older age or not marry at all, and women are more focused on work than simply raising a family. Those are some obvious reasons as to why courtship is pretty much nonexistent now, but why has trying to woo someone into dating you also disappeared? It seems that young people don’t even want to date anymore, much less try to impress someone that they are interested in dating. Most young men are no longer chivalrous or even polite. Some even ignore girls until they want to get in their pants. And in turn, young women seem to dress more provocatively to get the attention of men, even if it is the wrong kind of attention.

So what happened to really dating? Just 20 years ago, people would date around. Men would ask a pretty girl on a real date where they would go to dinner, talk about their lives, and get to know each other. It was acceptable to go on multiple dates with different guys to see who you were truly interested in and then only decide to “go steady” when both people in the pair were ready to stop seeing anyone else. Nowadays, it seems like people are either hooking up, or in a serious committed relationship with someone they barely know.

I’m not trying to criticize anyone who is just hooking up or anyone who is in a relationship, I’m just curious when and why the sudden change occurred. When did casually dating around turn into hooking up with anyone at anytime, and going steady turned into posting on social media about how much you love your other half just a month into your relationship?

The scariest part is the mystery of what will happen in the future. We’re in college now, still pretty young, and we have many years until we might think about settling down, but will we be able to when the time comes? Will we finally grow into a healthy dating scene or will we be stuck with a bunch of 30-year-olds who only know how to hook up or get way too serious way too fast?

Only time will tell if our generation can truly get its act together when it comes to dating, or if we are eternally screwed in the love department.

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