Taylor Swift fans horrified after baby is spotted lying on floor at Eras Tour

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One of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour performances in Paris saw concert-goers outraged after spotting a baby lying on the floor

People are flooding to social media in horror after a baby was spotted at one of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour dates.

On 10 May, Swift took to the stage at the Paris La Défense Arena in France to kick off the European stint of her Eras Tour.

However, while fans were blown away by the concert, other gig-goers ended up being a bit distracted after spotting an unexpected sight lying on the arena’s floor.

A Swiftie took to X on 10 May to share two images of a baby lying on the floor at Swift’s concert.

The baby can be seen lying at the feet of their parents on a mat of some sort and wearing headphones.

The caption reads: “Get ur baby off the floor and GO HOME.”

In a follow-up tweet, they shared a photograph showing just how rammed the arena was, adding: “Just to paint the full picture this is general admission at the Paris show tonight… and that baby is somewhere in the floor AT THIS SHOW!

“Like WTF they have lost their minds! terrible parenting.”

Taylor Swift's European leg of the Eras Tour has kicked off in France. (Kevin Mazur/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management)

Taylor Swift’s European leg of the Eras Tour has kicked off in France. (Kevin Mazur/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management)

And it’s not taken long for people to weigh in.

One X user said: “Please don’t bring babies to concerts their ears are very sensible and it could affect their hearing.”

“Please call the police cause wtf is this,” another added, while a third commented: “…literally no words. hold your damn child.”

“Now that’s just plain irresponsibility, what were they thinking?” a fourth added.

And a final resolved: “This is so irresponsible and dangerous that I don’t even find it in me to make a joke about this I hope this baby was not harmed during the show and that someone reported the parent(s).”

A baby was spotted at one of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour dates in Paris. (X/@whatamind13)

A baby was spotted at one of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour dates in Paris. (X/@whatamind13)

But what does the arena say about children being allowed into concerts?

Paris La Défense Arena’s website states: “Paris La Défense Arena doesn’t recommend bringing children under the age of four, even if accompanied, particularly due to the high volume.

“Some events may not be recommended or may be prohibited for children. In such cases, information will be specified on the event details.”

However, elsewhere online, the advice varies.

A response to a question-and-answer page for The O2 venue states: “There’s no minimum age for most events at the arena. But as the shows can be noisy, we don’t recommend bringing very small children to anything that’s not family friendly.

People flooded to social media in horror. (X/ @whatamind13)

People flooded to social media in horror. (X/ @whatamind13)

“If you’re bringing a small child with you, please make sure they don’t disturb other people. And remember, everyone needs a ticket.”

And baby carrier company Tush Baby adds there’s ‘no easy answer to the question of how old a child should be before attending a concert’.

It states the decision ultimately depends on the individual child and type of concert, however it does say ‘some children may be ready to attend a concert as young as three or four years old, while others may not be ready until they are closer to adolescence’.

It notes ‘baby earplugs’ can be use to protect young ears and it’s ‘important to choose a concert that is appropriate for your baby’s age and temperament’.

A representative for Paris La Défense Arena told Page Six: “The general terms and conditions of sale stipulate that all minors (without any age limit) holding a ticket for a concert at Paris La Défense arena must be accompanied by an adult. Under 18 children remain under their legal guardian responsibility, it’s venue policy. For spectators with a young child in the floor, an alternative seating arrangement has been proposed but refused by ticket holders.”

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