Plane passengers end up soaked mid-flight as relaxed pilot says ‘it appears to be raining’ inside cabin

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Contrary to popular belief, getting soaked on an airplane isn’t always a sign of things going wrong

Generally, if you’re on an airplane and begin to be covered in water, something likely went wrong.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in danger.

Sure, the first two reasons you would think people on an airplane would get soaked with water would either be due to getting submerged into a body of water or potentially to put out some kind of fire. However, those aren’t the only instances in which a plane passenger could get soaked while traveling.

Sometimes, air travel is full of surprises. (pixabay/Michael Pointner)

Sometimes, air travel is full of surprises. (pixabay/Michael Pointner)

TikToker Savannah Gowarty found this out firsthand and shared her experience with her followers on the app.

In the short video, Gowarty films as a mist is seen coming out of the airplane vents, creating a noticeable fog and soaking many of the passengers and their clothes.

The TikToker’s slight alarm over the ordeal was juxtaposed with her quoting the pilot as lightheartedly saying: “It appears to be raining in cabin.”

This is far from a rare occurrence for flights, as a similar situation was seen in a TikTok post last year that went viral for similar reasons.

While it is unknown what airline Savannah was flying with when she experienced the bizarre mist, a spokesperson from easyJet, a low-cost airline based in London, spoke to Newsweek when asked about the strange situation.

“On board aircraft, it is sometimes possible to see the air conditioning system cooling and condensing the warm air from outside,” The easyJet spokesperson explained.

“We can confirm this is completely safe for everyone on board. The safety of our passengers and crew is our highest priority.”

So, despite what you may think, the mist poses no threat or harm to people on board the flights that feature them. Instead, it’s used to keep people cool in hot temperatures and humid climates.

Experiencing this misty fog on airplanes isn't as rare as you may think. (TikTok/@savinnyc)

Experiencing this misty fog on airplanes isn’t as rare as you may think. (TikTok/@savinnyc)

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to like it.

Gowarty expressed her displeasure from the experience in her TikTok video’s caption: “Nothing better than being on a 4hr flight back to New York soaking wet and cold.”

Despite her slight frustration, people in the comments made light of the situation, as many find the visual of a foggy airplane cabin reminiscent of the famous novelty food chain Rainforest Cafe.

“Oooo rainforest cafe experience but on an airplane,” said one commenter, while another said, “You got the spa plane.”

Alternatively, others in the comment section fully empathized with Savannah’s annoyance.

“Absolutely not!!! Would be requesting compensation!!” argued one commenter.

“I hate being wet and cold,” said another, “I’d be in full meltdown mode.”

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