Netflix star confirms Squid Game season 2’s release month

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Lee Jung-jae has confirmed when Squid Game season 2 will be released, and it’s sooner than we thought

Squid Game is coming back for a season 2, and it’s coming sooner than you’d think.

The South Korean TV show took the world by storm in 2021, seemingly coming from out of nowhere to be one of Netflix’s most talked about shows of all time.

The show, to this date, stands as the most watched show on the platform globally based on hours viewed.

And who can forgot all the Squid Game Halloween costumes?

Check out the first look at season two below:

The concept of the show revolved around a contest between 456 players, all competing for the chance to win 45.6 billion won (34 million USD).

And the show left many dying for more – especially with the cliffhanger ending which shows Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) getting ready to take down the whole system.

And fan’s wishes were soon granted as the show was announced to be returning for season 2 back in 2022.

At the time, the show’s creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, told Associated Press: “So, there’s been so much pressure, so much demand, and so much love for a second season. So I almost feel like you leave us no choice.

“But, I will say there will indeed be a second season. It’s in my head right now. I’m in the planning process currently. But I do think it’s too early to say when and how that’s going to happen.”

And lead star Lee, who is set to return for the second season as Seong Gi-hun, has given a window of when we could expect it on our TV screens.

Squid Game took the world by storm in 2021 (Netflix)

Squid Game took the world by storm in 2021 (Netflix)

In an interview with Business Insider, he was asked about anything he can let slip detail-wise for season two, and he confirmed when the show will be released, telling the publication through an interpreter: “It will be released in December.”

UNILAD has contacted Netflix for comment.

This isn’t the first time Lee has spoken about the development of season two, telling The Hollywood Reporter in 2022 that he was in ‘constant and continuous talks with the production company about season 2’, however, he tried not to talk to the director ‘too much’.

“Because like you said, the creative process is really intense for him, and now with the added pressure of the show’s global success, I know he must be going through such a hard time.” he said.

The show will be released in December, Lee says (Netflix)

The show will be released in December, Lee says (Netflix)

“So I don’t want to be another factor adding to the pain of the creative process, which I know so well from my own writing experience. But I have total faith that he will write a great story for season two, and I wait in anticipation with everyone else.”

Season two is not even Netflix’s first return to the franchise though as the streaming service commissioned a game show, Squid Game: The Challenge, in which 456 real-life people competed for $4.56 million – minus the deaths, of course.

Going through very similar sets of challenges, the show was a similar smash success, however, the show faced some controversy behind the scenes.

The reality show has been renewed for a second season, however, executive producer, Stephen Lambert, said they needed to ‘to talk to the Korean team about what they’re planning to do for their second scripted season’.

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