Netflix star on verge of ‘quitting’ acting after almost two years of no work

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Ethan Lawrence had roles in Bad Education and After Life, but tearfully admitted that he is now close to walking away from acting

An actor who landed roles in hit TV series has tearfully admitted that he is close to walking away from acting altogether.

Ethan Lawrence has had roles in comedy series Bad Education as well as hit Netflix show After Life.

But despite landing two roles in hugely popular shows, Ethan has now revealed in a tearful post online that he is considering leaving the acting industry.

The actor took to TikTok with a video, revealing that he has struggled to find work as an actor.

Due to the glamorous imagery there are many misconceptions about working as an actor, for example the pay packets of A-lister celebrities.

But while this aspect does exist, for the majority of people in the industry they effectively work as freelancers and have to take what work comes in to pay the bills.

Ethan described how the state of the creative and entertainment industry means that it is increasingly difficult for people to make a living, including himself, even if they have had breakout roles.

Ethan shared some of the challenges he has faced. (ethandlawrence/TikTok)

Ethan shared some of the challenges he has faced. (ethandlawrence/TikTok)

He said: “For those who think I’m living the life of Riley and that I’m not owed a career in acting, I’m fully aware of that and I’m very grateful for having done what I’ve done.

“But, I want to be honest…things haven’t been going well. 2024 has been a really bad year.”

The 31-year-old revealed that he has had a number of challenges in his personal life, including his landlord selling his home.

“It’s really tough out there, really hard,” he said. “There just aren’t the jobs there were.

“It baffles me, because the creative industry is one of the biggest in the UK and yet 70% of people who work in it are unemployed.

“It’s so wrong. It just feels like it’s not going to get any better.”

The actor spoke about the challenges facing the creative sector. (ethandlawrence/TikTok)

The actor spoke about the challenges facing the creative sector. (ethandlawrence/TikTok)

A fellow creative industry professional shared their sympathies, writing: “Ethan I get this completely. I’ve been out of work from film since last July. I was in lighting. In my 50’s now. Always worked in film and tv. Just cannot get a job. About to pull the plug too.”

Another person offered him some encouragement, writing: “Don’t give up bro! You are a great actor and it would be a shame to see you quit. Keep your head up and you will do well, I’m sure of it.”

Ethan didn’t seem convinced, replying: “It’s not giving up really, just accepting the inevitable.”

A third wrote: “Chin up mate. you always made me chuckle when I watched you! but you gotta do what’s best for you.”

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