King Charles Will Make the Royals Pay Rent for the First Time Ever

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King Charles is finished with his relatives jumping between familial estates like musical chairs. According to a new report from the Evening Standard, members of the royal family, regardless of their seniority and working status, will be set up with leasing contracts under Charles’s reign.

They’ll also be expected to pay rent. Those who aren’t able to afford the “commercial rates” are advised by His Majesty to “cut their cloth” or find other living arrangements.

“The King is not some sort of housing association for distant relatives,” a senior figure told the British news outlet.

The shocking revelation is part of King Charles’s “fund themselves” five-year plan, which seeks to “reduce the number of royals with a financial dependence on the crown.”

Senior figures tease that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s eviction from Frogmore Cottage is just the “tip of the iceberg.” Earlier this month, Charles banished his disgraced brother, Prince Andrew, from his royal quarters as well.

It’s unclear if any royals — aka Prince William and Kate Middleton — are exempt from Charles’s rent negotiations.

A source confirmed that the monarchy’s younger generation will also have to earn their keep if they wish to continue living in their “London pads.” Albeit, they won’t have the option to sign a long term lease agreement as Charles is interested in investing in real estate.

“Over time, that is going to change. Properties will be let at commercial rates going forward and to people outside the family,” the source said, assuring new tenants will be “security vetted.”

Contracts are currently being drawn up and the King’s senior staff has been advised to notify extended relatives of their options: pay up or move out.

“The King is not heartless or reckless, but if the family members are not part of the core family and not working for the crown, it is fair for them to house themselves and fund themselves,” another commented.

Charles is also rumored to be trimming down his payroll, which is described to be “on the top-heavy side.” His hope, according to senior figures, is to have a smaller staff whom he can offer competitive salaries to.

“It is not about cuts, it is about getting the best value for money from those on the payroll. Sometimes less is more,” a figure said. Officials close to the crown say residuals not spent on housing will be allotted to Palace staff salaries.

It’s a hard knock life for the royal family.

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