Senior Royal Accuses “Short-Tempered” Prince William of Anger Issues

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A senior royal household figure is seemingly corroborating Prince Harry’s claims that his estranged brother has a temper. While speaking to author Robert Jobson for his new book Our King: Charles III: The Man and the Monarch Revealed, the Palace insider said Prince William “can be difficult” to work with.

“He is a driven person and that can make him impatient,” the senior royal household figure insisted of William, per Page Six.

The source requested that their identity remain anonymous. Their relationship to the Prince of Wales, whether personal or professional, was not listed. It’s also unknown if this person and William are still regularly involved in one another’s lives.

And yet, it appears anger may run in the Mountbatten-Windsor family. The source said King Charles “has a temper, too,” but unlike his oldest’s, “it does not go on and on.”

“That can make William short-tempered when dealing with Charles,” the senior royal figure said of their dueling tempers. “The Boss (Charles) has a temper, too, but it does not go on and on. He can get frustrated and flare up and then, in an instant, it is forgotten about.”

However, he added, “With William, it is rarely forgotten.”

Elsewhere in his book, Jobson testified that his sons’ “strong-willed, stubborn” behavior was something inherited from their late mom, Princess Diana.

“He knew that they were both strong-willed, stubborn even; conflict would be very difficult to manage and could have a detrimental impact on the monarchy itself,”Jobson wrote.

He concluded, “Sometimes the level of belligerence between his sons, and indeed towards him, has shocked Charles.”

Fans first heard of William’s “temper” in Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries and his brother’s memoir Spare. With Harry due to arrive in London for Charles’s coronation, all eyes will be on the pair’s body language.

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